Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spelling mistakes and new ideas

> You know what? I feel like a loser. I've been ranting for so long about horrid English that there are some posts here that have not been previewed properly and have some silly typos in them. I'm going to correct them soon.

> My last post here has a few comments that could have led to a potentially epic rant on this space, but I have chosen to do something a little different. So far, the responses have been great. I guess you will have to wait for it.

> I've changed my template. Reading a black background was very disturbing to the eye. Hence the new template.

> Are you a Kamal Haasan fan? His office has started an official Facebook page here. Please go and like that page and send your friends there too.

> I got my pay cheque. I'm not broke any longer. Such a happy! 

Okay, I'm done.

Happy weekend everyone! Do something fun!

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