Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm thinking of doing

I had written something earlier and seemed to have got a number of replies ranging from empathy to agreement to well, interesting. While in conversation on the thread of comments on the post I just mentioned, I promised the commentor that I would write on the objectification of women and on socialisation.

Now, my problem is this - when I have been confronted with opinions that I personally deem annoying, I go on a rant on this blog and call out the person in question and it gets ugly.

As you know, if you've been reading this blog long enough, when it comes to equality, I'm a hugely frustrated person. Ably illustrated here, here, here, here, and here. I've touched on everything from articles of clothing, to my father's response to some of the things I do to the male population at large.

I didn't want to address a subject with this much potential with my limited vocabulary and syntax. So, I sent out an email to some of the women I know.

Of course, a few got back saying they didn't get the point of my exercise. Some were interested but are busy. Some didn't even bother replying. The first two, I am okay with. The last? I want to kind of slug with a heavy handbag. Not that  I love them any less, just that for now, I want to slug them.

Then, there is K. My one true love! She got back not only hyper enthu about this idea of mine, but also wrote me a brilliant piece that I am going to publish tomorrow.

This post was written for a couple of reasons - 1) I wanted to tell you what this project was about. 2) I wanted to ask if any of the women reading this blog will be interested in writing about "objectification" and the "impact of socialisation on women's equality/issues".

Tomorrow, at roughly the same time, I intend to give K an epic introduction [she un-private-ified her blog just for me, so she deserves it.] and proceed with posting her awesome response to my post in April.

Gotta love an erudite girlfriend. :D

Until tomorrow then.