Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Being incommunicado

Hai yougaiz.

I'm sorry for having gone completely under the radar! Here's an update on what's been happening.

1) my maternal grandmother passed away on June 22. She was 81 and had been suffering with many many diabetes related complications. Her kidney failed her and she didn't suffer with that pain for too long.

2) Finally met someone on BharatMatrimony.com who I am going to marry. More on that as the days go by.

3) I need to write something. Fast. I'm losing touch and it's not cool. If not at work, then I must vent on blog. Clearly tweeting like a maniac is not helping my cause.

The end.

I will be back soon enough with other things.



  1. Good luck Shruti, and my condolences for your nan

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I hope you and your family are okay.

    And congrats on the upcoming marriage!