Sunday, December 30, 2012

last of 2012

1) Sorry for the silence. I was, as you all know, getting married. Was insanely busy with that and I didn't want to use the internet to help me calm down.

2) My last long-ish post has a couple of nasty comments. I intend to start 2013 by replying to those comments. They're trolls, but honestly, I don't care about that. Asshole men who are assholes to women on nay forum deserve to get a stinker or 5 composed in their name.

3) 2012 went well. I've found someone who makes the entire groom hunt process worth it. What can I say, I got lucky. More on that later.

4) If you're a reader, then please do me a favour and party it up on December 31 and usher in the next year in the company of someone you care about and someone who cares about you enough to wish you all the joy and happiness life can bring.

5) Happy New Year. Have a lovely year ahead. Since the world hasn't ended, let's try and make it a better place to live in.


  1. Omg! Congratulations!

    It is heartening to know that there are good guys out there who live up to our expectations :)

  2. Oh BTW - Your "longish post" that you mentioned? I read it. Did you happen to meet my dad by chance? LOL!

    I agree 100% with you observation that "rebellion starts with dependence". Now that I am away and independent I don't care abou their opinion - even when that is aimed at me!

  3. Pointing out that nasty people comment , your post is so nonsense that only people like them who find your father more intelligent than your brain will comment like that. Your father makes more sense than you.

    Think you are so direct? You arent. You dont know what talking truth means. So please dont show off you are so intelligent. Worst article i read ever, and got to waste my time .

    Congratulations on your married life

  4. a little piece of advice miss, seriously dont go against your father's thoughts.
    And dont keep taking gender problems. Its not a trumpet card to be played with.
    And as far as your posts, a lot of my colleagues read through your "longish post" with me, and they have one word "rofl". Understanding why they teach something you will have once you become a parent.
    Congratulations on your marriage.

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