Sunday, February 24, 2013

After a very long time

I promised a nasty post and then I disappeared.


I'm in Deolali at the moment. All settled in ad Wi-Fi'd up.

So, like I sad the last time, there are some people that need to be given a good, long, nasty blog post. This is it then. Let's start with the origins of this fight shall we?

It goes back to this post. Most of it was a rant about my dad's insane rules and regulations and my thinking it was BS (I still think it's BS). The responses it got, especially from a few anonymous donors and one Kalyan Subrtamanian, were a little ridiculous. Especially the ones that ventured into judgement and name-calling territory.

"you will talk all these "shit" that you say when you are a parent..yoou wanna be in America go there..dont sit in India and say these are shit... and in a few days you would be sharing posts that say "dont tell your girls how to dress.. teach your sons better"... instead of giving these shit first learn to understand why your parents say..
as far as the people i know living in america they have wanted to live our culture.. so plz exchange yourselves with them if you wanna whine !!"

His name is Subramanian Kalyan. There's more - this from someone called Ambarish Gopinath

"that sense of defeat a father feels when people talk bad about his girl...only those who've experienced it can understand it....if only he had brought u up properly with the right morals...right from the start,may be things would've been different...

anyway this is my blog:"

Who are you men? And why do you think it is your right to comment here because you believe that your moral compass is pointed in some "right" direction? And my "morals" are wrong because I think differently from what's been told to me is right? Seriously? What gives you the right to be a total and complete asshole on a forum like this without once thinking that there is another point of view and it doesn't necessarily have to coincide with yours.

Of course, to top it off is the cheap self-plug. Like, why would I even want to read your blog if you're a self-righteous dad who questions my morals and thinks that my father is some self-defeated soul who is wallowing in some form of private hell because people are talking shit about his daughter? Let me tell you this - not one person has come up to my dad and said his daughter is trashy and void of morals. Not. One. Person.

Also, my father has a brain and is not the type who will sit and listen to what other people have to say. He knows the world and has seen and experienced more things that most people. He's also been in a war zone. He has the intelligencce to know who his daughter is and what lines she will and will not cross. We might not have the easiest relationship, but he's my dad.

Let me just put this out there for posterity - for those men who believe that women 'provoke' assault and that 'Indian culture' is being invaded by the West and that the West is trying to ape our lifestyle - I would like you all to kindly please do some reading and some study. What you think of as Indian 'culture' seems to be some sanitised, Big Brother-sanctioned version of things - the fact that we have an entire chapter of our mythology dedicated to desire and the fact that our 'creator' Brahma fell in love with his daughter Rohini and chased her across the cosmos, should tell you that Indian 'culture' is not everything it is cut out to be.

Our fables, our mythology, and our history are full of instances that will tell you that 'culture' and 'morality' are the constructs of the people in power. They decided for us and those of us who could afford it, followed it. Today, the people in control of our freedom of expression seem to have the power to stop a film, already cleared by the censor board, from being screened. Today, people who don't eat beef have enough clout to shut down a beef and pork festival on account of it hurting religious sentiments and the masses will lap this bullshit up. We have a lot more to worry about than our daughters being Westernised.

If one person can bulldoze the government from shutting down it's own webiste, then there is something to worry about. And if you think that these people are right because they have the freedom to express dissent, then you have, in effect, justified every crime, every act of violence and stupidity.

And YES Subramanian Kalyan, our sons do need to be taught better, because other than women the only other human beings on this planet are men and if they don't know how to talk to us, respect us, and deal with us, then who will? The animal kingdom?