Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Support settings


My last post and the one previous clearly got a lot of vitriol. But it did get some support. Joe Pereira, this goes out to you and to S.

S, I got an email that your comment was published but I've been looking at the post and refreshing, and it's not showing up. Therefore, I am going to post your comment here.


To Ambarish Gopinath.

Thambi, unakku nallaa venum. Inimelaavadhu thevaiyillaadha vishayathula mooka nuzhaikka koodaathungaradha katthukka.

I know it sounds cruel, but the real world is very different from what it is indoctrinated to us. Everything is not black and white. And the first rule is to be open-minded. It is okay if you are judgmental, but you are not allowed to offend anyone with your judgments.

And no, you are again not allowed to be some sort of a champion of our culture "at the wrong platforms/spaces". You can be a champion - if I'm right, you already are - but this is not the place, neither is your target right.

As for morality, please understand that it is not a rigid thing. It is ever changing. Do not confuse something else with morality.


To Shruti.

I'm disgusted with you.

You repulse me.

Not because of your "loose morals" (I'd like to know what is a "loose moral", BTW, and if you have "loose morals", do others have "packed morals". Let me know when you find out what they are.)

No, I detest you because you eat chocolate cake alone, and without sharing.

Next time you are eating a chocolate cake, you should remember me :P"

S, I will tell you about loose morals. I have every intention of clarifying that to people. Also, there's always ice cream and cake for friends at home. Come over any time :)

Also, thanks for the support you and Joe. I'm glad there are people out there who get the point. As for the person who deleted the vitriol. I have that on record too. Just so you know.


  1. God...I really can't understand why people is too rigid and judgmental....Shruthi, I like the way you respond to many things in your life. You are just being yourself and hats off to you.

  2. S,

    Again. I got email with your comment. But no comment on blog. so, for posterity, I am copy-pasting -

    I saw my comment get published, but when I refreshed some time later, it vanished. No idea how or why that happened, and (pardon me! but) I suspected that you deleted my comment 'cos you didn't understand it :P

    I'm happy that you saved it and republished it.

    The thing is, Ambarish is almost a kid brother to me, of whom I'm a bit protective. I've gotten into quarrels like this myself, when I was his age. I of course, didn't want him to go through all this, but unfortunately, stuff happens -_- Hopefully, since he's a lot more intelligent and mature than I was, he'll also understand.

    And also, it's easier to put across a point after you make friends with someone, than when you antagonize them! LOL! Ain't I cunning :P

    I can't come to Deolali, but when in Chennai, I'd definitely like to take up that offer on cake and ice cream :D