Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love at First Sight

If someone told me they fell in love when they saw chocolate cake, I'd believe them without questioning the state of their mind. But when someone (read the film industry) tells me this about people, it makes me wonder what is happening with the world.

What is this love at first sight? Aside from being the most defined word, love is also the most derided word. Meaning it has both ardent believers and an equal, if not more, number of skeptics. So, why then, are we selling this idea that you take one look at a person and just know?

I've been reading a lot of content about Raanjhana, the recently released 'epic romance' that I didn't watch. And the premise of the love story is that the hero takes one look at the heroine and knows that she is the love of his life. And it isn't like she looks at him and knows right back. It takes her 15 slaps to share her name with him (this information I got from the trailer) and god knows what other violence was inflicted before she admits to loving him back.

She then falls in love with someone else and wants to marry him and any other things happen in the movie that don't involve the as advertised lead pair getting together.

One artile pegged this phenomenon as 'unrequited love'.

It's worrying. Or maybe I'm crazy.

I'm the weird one that wants to know why someone loves me. I don't ask my mother that. Well, sometimes I do, and she has an answer. So does my dad. But their answers are all variations of "You're my daughter, that's why".

Friends are a lot more forthcoming with their responses to "Why do you love/like me?" They dispense with the need for a question with some action or the other to affirm why they are  your friends.

In the case of romantic love, however, all reason is shot to the sewer.

To the point where people are baffled when this question is raised.

I, for one, think it's a good question to ask someone in love. Why do you love the person who is 'the love of your life'?

Do you think it's a good question?