Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to-do list

First let me just give you an update, okay?

We'll begin with my eternal life crisis - my ENT system. It's constantly malfunctioning and I'm constantly calling it names. Pregnancy means I can't medicate, so, I literally have to live out each episode and sometimes it lingers for longer than two weeks. It makes me so angry. After recovering from that, I fell ill again. This time it's my old friend nausea. I'm not on pills for that. And back to my highly regimented diet. Again, angry/irritable me. Sigh.

It's at times like this that the whole excitement of being pregnant takes a backseat.

But I have a lot to do.

#1 - Write that post Aditi nominated me for

#2 - Write  that post Narayani nominated me for

#3 - Publish that outrage piece on a now-no-longer-trending topic

#4 - Magically finish my magnum opus tomorrow and land a mega publishing contract the  day after that and live happily ever after!

I hope to wrap up 1 & 2 asap. The rest can take its time!

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