Monday, February 1, 2016

Why on earth are we so rude?

You know who I am? That guy online who can't stop from saying something thoroughly nasty.

And of late I've been subject to a litany of insults. Short of calling the guy out for being a sexist, misogynistic whatsit, I resorted to empty hyperbole to get him off my back. And thankfully, he took the bait. In his defense, I wasn't being very articulate. I was intentionally being dense, and he decided it was time to school me on how to make an intelligent point. Then someone else joined it and it got ugly. 

I won't divulge more details.

That entire interaction left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It made me realise how rude we have become. Ever since things have gone online, everyone with an internet connection who can read has been articulating themselves. Sometimes they do it behind the beil of anonymity. Sometimes they tout culture. And many more such instances. People like me? We think we know better and it is our place to police common sense. When I was younger, and far more actively involved in online groups, I was quite serious, and at times vehement about this specific job. Recently, however, I am just exhausted. Exhausted by the constant need to validate one's intelligence and superiority. I mean, we are living in a time when it is a crime for a person to post about their life on their page. Yes, it is annoying that even pizza or thali meals is centred around Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, but who am I to decide that I'm better than you because I'd rather eat the pizza than photograph it?

I'm just very disillusioned with online conversation these days, which is precisely why I'd rather spam my wall with baby pictures and dog pictures than tell everyone what I'm thinking!

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